Stephan Martin Kampowski
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Moraltheologie: Radioakademie
Was wir wirklich wollen, Liebe, Tugend und die wahre Freiheit – eine Einführung in die Moraltheologie.
Prof. Dr. Stephan Kampowski

Stephan Kampowski, Amoris laetitia e il discernimento: giudicare lo stato d'anima o lo stato di vita? (Nuova Bussola Quotidiana)

Stephan Kampowski, Amoris laetitia non giustifica fughe in avanti (Nuova Bussola Quotidiana)

Stephan Kampowski, The pastoral priorities of Amoris laetitia (National Catholic Register)

Stephan Kampowski, The family according to Amoris laetitia: an opportunity, not a problem (Catholic World Report)

Stephan Kampowski, Interview with Catholic Education Daily: Catholic Education is the Key to Pope Francis’ Plan for Renewing Families

Stephan Kampowski, Zwei Fußnoten und ein Interview über den Wolken (

Interview CNA Deutschland: "Prophetische Haltung statt zurückgedrehte Uhren: Stephan Kampowski über die Familiensynode"

Stephan Kampowski - David Crawford, "The Wisdom of Humanae vitae and the Pastoral Care of the Family" - Catholic World Report, October 20, 2015.
Italiano: Il Foglio 20 ottobre 2015

David Crawford - Stephan Kampowski, "An Appeal: Recalling the Teaching of Humanae Vitae (and Veritatis Splendor)," First Things, September 10, 2015 - with more than 60 signatures by Catholic moral theologians and philosophers endorsing the text.
Italiano - Español - Deutsch - Français

Stephan Kampowski, A Plurality of Family Models: PART I - Imperfect Expressions of the Same Ideal? - Catholic World Report, August 1, 2015

Stephan Kampowski, A Plurality of Family Models: PART II - Is Abstinence Possible? In Dialogue with the German Bishops - Catholic World Report, August 14, 2015

Stephan Kampowski, A Plurality of Family Models:  PART III - Finding the Good in Non-Marital Unions? - Catholic World Report, September 5, 2015

Stephan Kampowski, A Plurality of Family Models: PART IV - A “Path” to Sacramental Marriage for Those in Non-marital unions? - Catholic World Report, September 14, 2015

Stephan Kampowski, A Plurality of Family Models: PART V - The Church Must Be Prophetic in its Teachings on Marriage - Catholic World Report, October 2, 2015

Intervista alla Nuova Bussola Quotidina «Il matrimonio cristiano è possibile. Ecco perché»

Stephan Kampowski, "Wer ist der Mensch? Das Evangelium der Familie in der Synodendebatte", in Kirche heute (novembre 2014), pp. 6-8.

Stephan Kampowski, "Children of Desire: The Technological Control of Fertility", in Humanum. Quarterly Review of the Center for Cultural and Pastoral Resarch 2 (2014).

Juan José Pérez-Soba - Stephan Kampowski, "Il vangelo non è pansessualista", in Il Foglio (30 settembre 2014).

Interview with EWTN: "Not a Legalistic Gospel of the Family" (Video)

Risorse sul sinodo / Risources on the Synod:

Livio Melina, Intervista ai Tempi: «Gesù non fece sondaggi quando propose il perdono dei nemici, il matrimonio indissolubile, l’eucarestia e la croce»

Risorse generali / General resources:

The (almost) complete works of St. Thomas Aquinas, English - Latin, compiled by Fr. Joseph Kenny, O.P. (1936-2013).

Bibliothek der Kirchenväter: eine Auswahl patristischer Werke in deutscher Übersetzung

S. Augustinus, Opera omnia editio latina

Sant'Agostino, Tutte le opere versione italiana

The Hannah Arendt Papers at the Library of Congress, Washington, DC

The Early Church Fathers in English